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Chicken & Turkey Processing Plant

Companies of all sizes rely on us to regain control of their output devices. Regardless if your fleet is at one location or multiple locations across multiple states, you can count on Technic to help streamline and reduce your overall printing costs.

Their Challenges

Mixture of Printer and MFP Fleet

  • Machines (Printers & MFP’s) Count: 244

  • B/W Models: 34 & Color Models: 25

  • Different types of Toners to Stock: 79

Current Support Level

  • Estimated Calls are Routed to IT: 48/Mo

  • Estimated 18 Hrs. of IT Staff to troubleshoot & Repair

  • Estimated 12 Hrs. for Outsource Printer Support

Supplies Orders Handled by Purchasing Dept.

  • Avg. of 156 toner orders placed with Purchasing/IT Dept. per Month

  • Estimated number of Admin (End-user/IT/AP/Clerk) labor hours: 78 hours/Mo

Our Solutions

Uniform Fleet

  • 244 Brand NEW Printers & MFP’s

  • Reduce to TWO B/W Models & TWO Color Models

  • Reduced down to TWO types of Toners

Single Point of Contact

  • ALL calls will be routed to Technic

  • Estimated Reduction of IT Staff by 90%

  • Consolidate all Support to one Vendor

Automated Supplies Replenishment

  • Supplies are monitored 24/7 and automatically shipped to each location

  • Reduce Supplies ordering errors to ZERO

  • Estimated Admin labor hours reduced by 90%


Overall Savings: 22.8%

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