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Oil Refinery

Companies of all sizes rely on us to regain control of their output devices. Regardless if your fleet is at one location or multiple locations across multiple states, you can count on Technic to help streamline and reduce your overall printing costs.

Their Challenges

No Device Accountability 

  • 1,560+ combined Acres for both locations

  • Devices are Network and Non-Network

Redundancy of Hardware

  • Printers and Copiers placed next to each other

  • Printers and Copiers with same features

Poor Service & Supplies Response Time

  • Avg. of 3-4 business days for Supplies

  • Avg. of 1-2 Business days for Onsite Service

  • 5 Different Vendors for Printers, Copiers, MFP’s, and Plotters

Outdated Fleet

  • Unable to track utilization of each devices

  • Mixture of obsolete and current models

  • Overload of Supplies for 30+ Models

  • Monthly Billing of 16+ different rates

Our Solutions

Installed Monitoring Software

  • Identified total fleet of 320+ devices  for both locations

  • Mapped out and Tagged all models

Reduction of Hardware

  • Replaced fleet with economical work-group MFP’s

  • Reduced overall fleet size by 54%

Automated Supplies Replenishment & Superior Service

  • Supplies are sent at 20% thresholds for high-volume machines with next business day delivery

  • ONE Vendor with response time set for same or next-business day onsite

Fleet Refresh

  • Identified Usage by Device/Dept. and replaced with more efficient Models

  • Replaced and Reduced entire fleet down to 12 Models

  • Billing Reduced to 6 different rates


Overall Savings: 42.8%

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