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Bring Printing for Your School In-house and Take a Load Off Your Budget

I’ll bet a day doesn’t go by where you don’t think — probably more than once — about how challenging it is to be an educator right now. School districts are having to stay agile, so they can nimbly pivot on short notice between in-person learning, a virtual approach, and some kind of mix. It’s a constant struggle to keep students engaged, on course, and actively learning.

And while state revenues are falling, schools need even more support to keep up with pandemic-related adjustments. The Learning Policy Institute recently estimated that the combination of increased costs due to dealing with the pandemic and decreased support from cash-strapped states would pile an extra burden of $199 billion to $246 billion in costs on to school districts1. It’s likely there won’t be a single one among the nation’s 131,000 K-12 schools2 that won’t be looking even harder than ever for ways to cut costs.

Among the costs you’re probably looking at: Printing.

For years, people have been talking about going paperless — yet the amount of material we print remains stubbornly high. Whether the learning is in-person or remote, you still have enormous printing demands, with materials often needing to be turned around quickly to accommodate last-minute adjustments. If you’re having to distribute materials for schooling at home, you may be printing even more than usual.

But think of all the jobs you send out to a print shop: course booklets, learning packets, newsletters, flyers, forms, stationery and more. What if you could do them all in-house — quicker, at low cost, and with greater flexibility to customize? You can — here’s how.

Here’s your affordable, highly capable ticket to moving printing in-house.

Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 light-production inkjet printer is a great choice for just about any size school or district. Why? For starters:

  • Printing is simple and hassle-free. Just format your digital file and hit “Print.”

  • Easy on service. Few maintenance parts can translate into low intervention and labor costs.

  • Quicker turnaround. No need to wait on external vendors. Schedule when you want and adapt quickly to change.

  • Small footprint. It won’t eat up your valuable space.

The WF-C21000 is built around the same revolutionary PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology™ that’s at the heart of Epson’s commercial and industrial printers. And Epson is a worldwide leader in inkjet printing.

Built for high performance, low downtime.

The WF-C21000 printer is made for high-duty cycles: print a single page or over 300,000 pages monthly — it’s no trouble. And there’s no warmup time, so it starts fast — and finishes fast, too, at up to 100 ISO pages per minute3. In fact, the WF-C21000 has the fastest print speed in its class4.

In normal times, having everyone trying to use the printer at once is a bottleneck. These days, it can even be a safety hazard. The full-featured WF-C21000 printer lets users email their document now and retrieve their output when it’s safe and convenient.

And Epson knows the last thing you need is a printer that requires a lot of attention. The WF-C21000 cuts time out of service to the bare minimum. Thanks to high-yield consumables and features like a 5,350-sheet paper capacity when fully configured5. That also means fewer service calls from outside visitors.

Easy on waste, easy on energy.

With few maintenance parts plus high-yield ink cartridges, the WF-C21000 only requires minimal intervention. And that PrecisionCore technology I mentioned? Since it’s heat-free, WorkForce Enterprise printers use a lot less energy than a comparable color laser6.

Maybe best of all, wide media flexibility means you’re ready to print in-house all the kinds of jobs that a busy school generates, from single-sheet learning materials, tests, flyers, envelopes, and newsletters to course booklets, learning packets, brochures, forms, and more. The versatile finishing options support stapling, stacking, hole punch, and booklet-making.

The low-cost way to handle your printing today.

Epson’s WorkForce C21000 printer brings you the capacity to handle common color printing jobs quickly, efficiently — and, especially, economically — right there in-house. So you can continue to do all the things it takes to run a humming, thriving educational community — and preserve your budget, too.

Joe Contreras is a Commercial Marketing Executive for Epson Office Solutions.

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  2. Education Statistics: Facts About American Schools, by Maya Riser-Kositsky, Education Week, Updated June 16, 2020.

  3. Black and color print speeds are measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity. For more information, visit

  4. Compared to similarly featured color multifunction printers with speeds of 45 ppm or greater based on industry available data, October 2019. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity. For more information, visit

  5. With optional high-capacity input tray; 2,350-page capacity standard.

  6. Compared to similarly featured color multifunction printers with speeds of 45 ppm or greater based on industry available data, October 2019. Actual power savings will vary by product model and usage.



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