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Why Your Business Should Take IT Security Seriously

Whenever we see cyber-attacks in the headlines it usually involves a fortune 500 company or some huge tech giant in the Silicon Valley. We rarely see news of massive cyberattacks or ransomware on smaller companies reach large media outlets. As an entrepreneur, a large budget into a full time IT department, or more specifically cybersecurity, may not seem feasible. There could be a point where you even try to deploy software on your own, but sometimes it is not set up properly to be useful against the ever-changing attack types that happen daily. These are some of the reasons why your business should take IT security more seriously.

It is virtually impossible to stop them.

Everyday thousands of websites are attacked worldwide. Close to half a million different types of malware and grayware are discovered and scanned by the AV-TEST Institute each day. Phishing, social engineering attacks, DdoS, malicious applications, and heaps of other threats are targeting even small businesses today. Businesses cannot face these threats alone; most companies don't realize how real these threats are until it happens to them.

Losing confidence in your customers.

Even the biggest companies aren't completely safe from all the malicious threats that are trying to exploit businesses each day. Your business can lose a lot of reputation by being vulnerable to multiple attacks, which also can make your customers lose confidence in your business. In turn you can fail to acquire new customers because of past experiences of being exploited by cyberattacks.

Putting your own employees in harm’s way.

Without having the proper security in place on your network you can unknowingly expose your employees’ privacy. Attacks can happen on your employees’ personal records, addresses, social security numbers, human resource records, and other sensitive data. This type of security breach can be detrimental to your business and its future growth.


Something every company fears the most is having their data held hostage. A new company is hit with ransomware every 11 seconds. Whether your company is big or small ransomware is a very real threat that can happen to your business at any time. More companies than ever have paid ransomware in 2021. Having the right security in place can vastly help protect you and your business from falling victim to this type of attack.

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