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Companies of all sizes rely on us to regain control of their output devices. Regardless if your fleet is at one location or multiple locations across multiple states, you can count on Technic to help streamline and reduce your overall printing costs.

New client has come to the realization that they require a comprehensive technology strategy and consulting service, as opposed to the more conventional managed IT services.

"Taking a proactive approach to maintaining and monitoring IT environments can effectively avert downtime, mitigate security vulnerabilities, and generate a significant boost in overall company productivity. This advantage in competitiveness can serve as a powerful catalyst for business growth in today's landscape."

- Jamie Kennis, Director of IT, Technic Business Solutions


A San Diego-based engineering firm came to the realization that they required a fresh perspective on their IT support and service management. As the complexity of their business grew, they found themselves contending with legacy cost controls and a reactive approach to technology services.

Their IT service management was focused solely on addressing immediate issues with computers, servers, and networks that had already resulted in downtime and reduced productivity.

Consequently, the company recognized the need for a proactive approach that would prevent common issues, enhance network security, minimize downtime, and enable them to concentrate on business objectives.

After hearing about Technic Business Solutions' comprehensive approach from client references and vendor partners such as Microsoft and Sonicwall, the client engaged our services.

"Through discussions with Technic, we realized that we required more than just a fixed fee help desk. We needed an organization that could assist us in establishing our environment on a stable platform," said the decision-maker. "Technic was able to come in and accomplish precisely that."


"We required more than just a fixed fee help desk. We needed an organization that could assist us in establishing our environment on a stable platform."

- Clients President

The key stakeholders were interviewed by Technic Technology Geniuses to assess the company's requirements and evaluate strategic needs, as well as immediate risks and vulnerabilities that were consistently encountered. The existing process was reactive, relying on workarounds and temporary fixes, and the company was accustomed to hiring inexperienced entry-level IT personnel.

For instance, whenever remote workers had difficulty accessing server applications and files in the office, network security was compromised by opening up firewall ports to allow unrestricted access from any location. Although this satisfied employee needs, it exposed the company to significant risks from cyber security threats and hackers who are constantly seeking unprotected networks for easy targets.

Technic conducted a comprehensive analysis and identified the instability of the network as the primary cause of frequent outages that impacted production.

To address these issues, Technic developed a plan that would not only enhance the stability of the network but also reduce long-term costs. They deployed new switches and firewalls, established secure bare metal backups in their secure data center nearby, and implemented operational maintenance of the servers, workstations, and network. Additionally, they took responsibility for first-line support.


By moving beyond traditional Managed IT Services, we assisted the client in enhancing productivity.

The IT department was no longer seen as a cost center that causes downtime for the organization after implementing these changes. It was now considered a valuable contributor to the business and played a crucial role in helping the company remain competitive in its market.

With a broader and more extensive range of IT management services, Technic provides clients with genuine ownership and accountability that goes beyond the conventional capabilities of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This empowers clients to thrive and expand their business rather than being held back by outdated cost controls and a reactive approach.


The company recognized that viewing IT as a long-term strategic business asset would yield greater value in terms of operational productivity, allowing them to serve their customers and expand their business.

To learn more about Technic Managed Services, please contact us at 1-866-9-GENIUS.


Customer: Anonymous
Customer size: Medium >500 employees
Country or region: San Diego, California
Industry: Engineering


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